Harbinger-tuotteilla urheilijat saavat treenistään kaiken irti sekä pääsevät kohti tavoitteitaan.

Vuonna 1988 perusttu Harbinger valmistaa monipuolisia treenivälineitä kuten käsineitä, painonnostajan tukivöitä ja suojia. Tuotteet ovat tunnettuja laadustaan ja teknisistä ominaisuuksistaan.

Harbingerin patentoitu WristWrap-hansikas syntyi alunperin suojaamaan rullalautailijoiden ranteita. Sen käyttötarkoitus kuitenkin laajeni painonnostoon Harbingerin perustajan David McCranen yhdistettyä voimansa Mr. Olympia Lee Haneyn kanssa. Yhdessä McCrane ja Haney laajensivat brändin tunnettuutta fitness-harrastajien pariin.

Nykyisin Harbinger-tuotteilla on 70 prosentin markkinaosuus fitnessvälinemarkkinoilla.


  • Painonnostajan tukivyöt
  • Fitness-hanskat
  • Monipuoliset suojat


  • Quick home workout to get you moving thanks to @megg_a_tron!

3 rounds - 1 minute on, 1 minute off:
1️⃣ Burpees
2️⃣ Air Squats
3️⃣ Sit-Ups

GOAL: try to get as many reps in as possible during each exercise. Keep track of your numbers to beat or match during the next round.

Give it a shot!

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  • No gym, no problem! 💪@jxanderc getting creative with his PolyPro Dip Belt.

Tag us in your workouts to show us what gear you're using at home!
  • As your workout routine starts to change, we want to challenge you this #WorkoutWednesday! How many pushups can you do in a row? Tag us when you try it out 💪
📽️: @lift.likeamother
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  • #WorkoutWednesday If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. 💪 Get a pump in with this shoulder workout. Tap save and tag us when you give it a shot!

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  • Happy International Women's Day! 💪Tag the women in your life who inspire you to get after it 🔥
📸: @stephchung2
  • @morganwmillican showing us how it's done this #WorkoutWednesday in honor of @arnoldsports Festival. 🏋️👏 Who's tuning in this week?!
  • Sometimes you just have to pause, breathe, and push through. 💪 Shoutout to @_brialee for her heavy pause split jerks giving us all the #MondayMotivation! 🔥
  • Motivation for all the lifters out there. 🙌@roboherculesrx with a 475lbs front squat. What does your #WorkoutWednesday look like?
  • All smiles after experiencing Wodapalooza this weekend! The athletes brought the 🔥 and the energy was electric ⚡️. We’re thrilled to have attended and felt the love from the CrossFit community. Until next time Miami!
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